's Top 10 Remarriage & Stepfamily Blogs List

By's Top 10 Remarriage & Stepfamily Blogs List
In 2010, we pored over nearly 100 blogs about remarriage and stepfamily life so you don't have to.

     Google the terms remarriage and stepfamily today, and you'll find more information on these topics than even 5 years ago. Considering our mission to deliver credible and valuable resources to remarrieds and stepfamilies, the staff pored over close to 100 blogs to handpick 10 that we think are the most informative, supportive, and inspiring.

     Here are our Top 10 blog picks for 2010; where you can find them; our quick assessment (in italic type); and a rundown of what excited us most. We hope these Top 10 will enrich your life.


#1 Becoming a Stepmom by Jacquelyn Fletcher

This blog by Jacquelyn Fletcher, author of A Career Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Stepmom, is intelligent, witty, warm, and inviting—like spending an hour over coffee talking with your best friend.

     Jacque, a great sharer of knowledge, has created a blog that stands out among the others because it offers the “whole package”—not simply written blog entries, but also video and podcasts, as well as thoughtful resources. Her blog is well rounded, offering more topical variety than many we read, from advice, to education, to support. What really made an impression on our staff was that she clearly works hard to share viewpoints in addition to her own. An added bonus: Becoming a Stepmom oozes with positivity.

     We especially loved the insightful video she shared on November 30, 2010, from TED, a small nonprofit devoted to “Ideas Worth Spreading” through In that recording, William Ury, author, expert mediator, and speaker, talks about transforming conflict. Jacque introduces the video and then challenges us to think about how we can transform conflict in our homes.

     This number-one blog shares ideas about stepparenting, becoming a stepmom, and being remarried that are worth spreading.

#2 Wednesday Martin: Official Blog for the Author of Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin

It’s uncanny how the blog by Wednesday Martin, the author of Stepmonster, captures so candidly and dynamically just what us stepmoms go through everyday!

     Wednesday, a psychologist who writes for Psychology Today, offers her readers professional advice and solutions via her page-turning writing style. Her blog entries are a pleasure to read, and the accompanying graphics are delightful!

     What strikes us most about her blog is that she keeps it real with her word choices and topics. We bet a lot of people can relate, whether they are experiencing “Barnacle Syndrome,” which she describes as “feeling like you just got ‘tacked on’ to your husband’s life—that it’s all about the way he and his kids do it…,” or are wondering, as one blog title says, “Why Did the Remarried Couple with Kids Make Two Turkeys?”

#3 Co-Parenting 101: Divorce Ends Marriages...but Families Endure by Deesha Philyaw and Michael Thomas

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