Getting Remarried? 5 Things Every Bride Should Know


Getting Remarried? 5 Things Every Bride Should Know [EXPERT]
Onto marriage number two? Don't make the same mistakes you made the first time around!

4. Anticipate that some people may grieve on your special day. Most people coming into a remarriage and blended family will have been through some type of loss, either from divorce or death. Children grieve the breaking-up of their biological family. Extended family members grieve the loss of an in-law. Everyone goes through the grief process in his or her own way, at his or her own pace.

Don't be surprised if on your wedding day, family members, you, or your spouse feel or express some kind of grief. My husband had been a widower when I met him. It never dawned on me that people who attended our wedding may express sadness, as well as joy. I wish I had thought of this beforehand.


5. Learn about as many resources for blended and stepfamilies as possible. Honestly speaking, raising a stepfamily can be really tough. Unfortunately, the divorce rate for second marriages is around 60-70 percent. But, don't let that deter you. Be positive and proactive. Seek out information and resources for remarried couples before you get married again.

There are books, websites, such as RemarriageWorks, and even stepmom coaches to help you along the way. The needs of stepfamilies are very unique. Even if everything is going smoothly during your pre-wedding time together, don't let yourself be surprised by challenges that will likely come down the pike. Find out what is normal in stepfamilies beforehand, and increase your chances for success. How Two Simple Words Can Make Your Stepfamily Life Happier

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