What Does Sensuality Mean To You?


What Does Sensuality Mean To You?
Time to reflect and embrace ever part of who you are without regret, without guilt.

Allow me to share how I spent my New Year’s Eve which helped me to let go and indulge in my sensuality. I had a party in my home where I invited friends that were open and fun. The theme was “Think with the senses…Feel with the mind”. All the guests had to wear silk pajamas. I wanted them to feel the sensation of a beautiful fabric against their skin. We sat on pillows and ate with our hands. I wanted everyone licking their fingers with delight at the taste of good food. The guests had to participate in painting a common canvas where each person had to build upon the idea of sensuality. I then proceeded to blind fold everyone to allow them to listen and dance to the music in whatever manner they wanted. By the end of the evening…there was a magical feeling of freedom.

In short, we all have the potential to create what we want. The key is knowing what we truly want. My New Year’s resolution is to be “full of myself”…to “make love to myself”…to “embrace myself”. To create precious moments were I can indulge guilt free in my body, mind and spirit. I’ve come to realize that these moments of freedom give me strength to move forward. Will you join me?

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to start giving to yourself. My ebook is a great first step to embody your feminine essence. With each chapter you will read how to move your body in order to enhance your curves and ultimately give you the freedom to be your own woman.

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