Reduce Homework Hassles Now


Reduce Homework Hassles Now
Take these 6 steps to reduce power struggles with your child over homework and reduce your stress.

Gather together all of the supplies that you and your child think he will need to do homework this year. Put pencils, erasers, a ruler, a calculator, scissors, tape, etc. in a basket that’s used exclusively for homework. Keep the basket nearby the homework "station" that you and your child pick and it’ll be easy to get started and keep going without needing to hunt for supplies.

6. Keep the TV and cell phone off.


Be sure to prohibit TV viewing during homework time.  Also, consider having your child turn off their phone  until homework is complete. The fewer distractions your child has, the more efficient s/he will be in completing it.

These are some ideas to help get you and your child started on completing homework without a lot of hassles.

Toni Schutta is a Parent Coach with 18 years' experience helping parents find solutions that work. Get the complimentary Quick Start Report, "3 Essential Strategies for Getting Your Kids to Listen the First Time" here:

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