Attention Ladies: Have You Ever Heard of Zestra?


Attention Ladies: Have You Ever Heard of Zestra?
This is a pretty Shameless post. But this is a story worth telling, again and again. So here I go!

Okay so sometimes my seduction skills were a little lacking – but he didn’t seem to mind! After all – I was asking for sex. My husband is a smart man - he doesn't look a gift horse in the mouth!

I dropped my sweat pants, grabbed the package myself and ripped it open with a swagger using my teeth. I was a woman on a mission. I decided to apply the desire crème myself. After all – I was a sexologist! I wanted to know the full experience. I didn’t have to wait the prescribed five minutes.


“Where are you?” I yelled as I jumped into bed. He was busy reading the package insert himself.
“It says you are supposed to wait five minutes! I’m coming!” He laughed.
“Well – hurry up! Apparently I am an advanced student!” I shouted back.
Now how do I describe this? I feel a little bit like those food reviewers on those travel channels trying to describe to all the food voyeurs what that special little poached egg tastes like with truffles!

The Zestra was creating a little party “down there” - I felt all "hot and bothered".  I wanted touch!  And I was curious about how the brand new sensations that were perking below would feel  once we began to touch.  It was a  little bit like I had an itch that I couldn't wait to scratch. Only it was a good itch – and a burning “please touch me now” – kind of itch. And it made me giggle – I liked it – a lot. But I didn’t believe in crèmes and pills – I didn’t believe in the validity of sexual enhancements for women!

OH GOD! And you can order it here!

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