Can’t Find Love? Intuition to the Rescue!


Can’t Find Love? Intuition to the Rescue!
Listen to your intuition and use it as a compass to find love of a lifetime!

You can avoid losers and heartache by listening to your intuition instead of ignoring it. Time and again, I hear my clients say to me the following:

“Something told me he wasn’t who he said he was.”
“I had a feeling that he was cheating on me.”
“I knew I should have never become involved with him.”


People may say animals are stupid, but in reality they are smart because (unlike humans) they trust their intuition. In fact, if your pet doesn’t like and growls or hisses a lot at a potential mate, that is a red flag you need to look at. Animals are not taught to ignore their intuition like we humans are. When it comes to listening to your gut, there are many people around you that are doubting Thomases, and will tell you that your intuition is wrong.

Take a minute and ask yourself if you ever had a feeling about something, ignored it, and later wished you had listened to it? I bet quite a few times. So how can you tell when it is your intuition? The following in my Pamela Psychic Insights blog explains how to know: 

The Difference Between Intuition and Ego

Intuition comes in flashes.
Ego stays.
Intuition is soft and easily missed.
Ego is loud and very noticeable.
Intuition does not always makes sense.
Ego has lots of logical explanations.
Intuition needs trust.
Ego demands that it is right.
Intuition is often right when you listen and act on it.
Ego can be painfully wrong but will defend itself till the end of time.
Which one do you have faith in?

I would like to share two personal stories of how I used my intuition to help me avoid a bad relationship and to find a keeper. Some of you may be thinking, “You are psychic so it is easy for you.” I and other psychics are only given information from our guides and Angels that are useful to others. Sure, we get lots of insights but so do you. The differences is psychics have learned to trust their gut, instincts, and messages from Angels, guides, and the other side. When it comes to our love life and other relationships, we have lessons to learn just like you.

Mr. Wrong

I meet Mr. Wrong on an online dating site and we went out on two dates. I felt something was not quite right on the first one, but could not pin point what it was. As a love expert, I often tell my clients to give someone a second chance because most people are very nervous and uncomfortable on the first meeting. Of course if they were rude, dangerous, or disgust you on the first date, do not go out with them again. He was kind and polite to me so I decided to go out with him again.

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