The Salve of Love


The Salve of Love
May you welcome the salve of love during this holiday season...and always.

I had a sensory overload last night – of the welcomed kind. The TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) entertained me, enthralled me, and saturated every cell of my body with their holiday extravaganza. The rapturous music was accompanied by dazzling lights, psychedelic lasers, fog, and fire (the real, hot kind). Mother Nature must have been there, as we were sprinkled with snow flakes – the kind big enough to catch and feel a second of cold before the thaw. The kid in me wanted to stick out my tongue and run through the aisles catching every one.

My chakras were unwitting volunteers. The sound reverberations mesmerized and immersed me in a bath of vibrational bliss, and my soul was massaged open to receive the message that was soon to be offered.


TSO’s joyous music was complemented by Christmas Eve, a tale narrated by Mr. Anthony with his deep and resonant voice – a voice that entices you to cling to every word until you slide off and climb on the next.

“Scars upon their dreams … Scars upon their dreams … Scars upon their dreams …”– these words (the angel’s observation) were uttered and uttered again by Mr. Anthony. And they wiggled their way down into my soul, grabbed on tight, and still won’t let go.

My question is: Are you willing to let the salve of love soften those constrictive scars and allow your dreams to soar? Are you?

May you welcome the salve of love during this holiday time...and always.

In this new year, I invite you to release your brilliant, glittering dreams into the Universe to soar high like helium balloons. I’ll be cheering.

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