The Facebook Love Triangle


The Facebook Love Triangle

It seems as though I spot a new article almost daily convicting FB of a multitude of crimes – crimes against the sanctity of solid relationships, that is. Apparently, many ex-couples are pointing fingers at FB as the cause of their breakup.

But is Facebook really that evil?


You may have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of participating in an online social network, but ultimately the threat is not the technology – it is the choices you make online and offline – in cyberspace and real life.

Consider these safe-guards: 

Discuss with your partner the scope and boundaries of your social networking. Is joining sex related groups out of bounds? What is the limit of personal information that you will share? Are you both comfortable if the other chats with new FB friends of the opposite gender? ? Don’t post negative informa­tion about your partner or your relationship.

Choose your friends wisely. Ask: Would my partner be ok with me befriending this person? And remember, you can always unfriend. Do you POST AND HOPE

As tempting as it is – don’t triangulate with FB – share directly with your partner everything that you want them to hear/read, rather than ‘posting and hoping’ that s/he will read it. Respect yourself, your partner, and your relationship by sharing honestly, clearly, and directly. If you feel a charge as you read your written word, take a break before you decide if it’s ‘fit to print’ or if it needs recomposing.

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