3 Secret Reasons He Sabotages Your Relationship


3 Secret Reasons He Sabotages Your Relationship
Money and sex issues aren't the only relationship bombs. Your man has secrets he won't tell you.

A man without a clear vision is a lost man. In my work, I use the tool of hand analysis to help people find their specific life purpose. Your life purpose is your reason for being - your reason for being on this planet. Every single human being has a purpose and it is easily identifiable from your fingerprints - formed in utero between 14 and 16 weeks and unalterable for your life time.

When a man doesn't know his purpose, he may try to hitch his caboose to your train and find fulfillment 'helping' you. However, this will inevitably backfire, leading to secret problem #1 - you are more successful than he is.

When a man doesn't know his purpose, he becomes despondent, lazy or addicted. He attempts to wash away his sorrow in work, porn, drink or hanging out with the boys to all hours.

When a man doesn't know his purpose, he is INCAPABLE of being there for you and the relationship. 

My recommendation? Send him off to the woods for a weekend or some kind of encounter group - or even a 6-month sojourn - and tell him, "I love you. If we are to stay together, you MUST find your purpose or I'm out of here. I cannot carry your sorrow and confusion on my back."

And if you really really want a simple solution? Have him sign up to have his hands read and discover his life purpose. His life - and yours - will never be the same. In a good way!


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Baeth Davis is "The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business."(tm) Using scientific hand analysis, she reveals to you the blueprint nature put in the palms of your hands and helps you unleash this custom-made-for-you design to create a passionate, profitable, purpose-full 6-, 7- or 8-figure business that honors your spirit and soul while serving your clients.

To find out more at http://YourPurpose.com and check out my upcoming events.

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