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How To Tell If You're Addicted To Sex

In its basic and natural form (if there has not been physical or emotional damage along the way) human sexual contact feels good, touching feels good, having an orgasm feels good. This is normal and wonderful. Your innate desire for sex and sexual pleasure is not an enemy. Your natural sexual impulse can guide ...

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Crime, Shame, Compassion & Self-Forgiveness

Crime is a word we use to speak about one of the more negative aspects of our humanity — an action or omission that is considered to be shameful, wrong, or evil. These are attributes we all tend to want to avoid. For this particular investigation let's consider crime in a very broad way, crime at its ...

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What We Can Learn From Rihanna About Relationships

Rihanna was recently named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people on the planet. She's stated that she doesn't want to be a role model, but … well, she's on the list. There have been continuous reports that she may be rekindling her relationship with Chris Brown despite ...

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Emotional Safety & How To Get More Of It

 Our human form is relatively fragile. Resilient in many ways, of course, but even the most cursory amount of attention to the news reveals the many ways our bodies and spirits can be harmed. That said, we live on a part of the planet that is not as subject to some of the on-going violent and destructive ...

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Is Sex Addiction Just A Myth?

Sex addiction. Each word evokes complex thoughts, images, and responses. Put the two together and there is the possibility for controversy and confusion. Is sex addiction real, or is it just the latest cop-out for bad behavior? Dr. David Ley is garnering ...

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Articles by Compulsion Solutions
Distant Woman

How To Tell If You're Addicted To Sex

Do you feel your sex life (or your partner's sex life) is out of control?

Spring Landscape

Crime, Shame, Compassion & Self-Forgiveness

How a direct investigation into shame can reveal the heart of compassionate self-forgiveness

What We Can Learn From Rihanna About Relationships [EXPERT]

What We Can Learn From Rihanna About Relationships

Can the Rihanna/Chris Brown story shed light on your relationship?

Woman In Flowers

Emotional Safety & How To Get More Of It

Can I find safety in a world (& in my relationship) that feels unsafe?

sex addiction

Is Sex Addiction Just A Myth?

Is sex addiction an excuse for bad behavior, or is it something real?

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Breaking the Cycle: Free Yourself from Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession, and Shame
Anyone who has struggled with sex addiction ...
By George Collins MA, Andrew Adleman MA
A Couple's Guide to Sexual Addiction: A Step-by-Step Plan to Rebuild Trust and Restore Intimacy
Like other psychiatric disorders, sexual ...
By Paldrom Collins, George N. Collins

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