Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models & Your Self Esteem


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Are you comparing yourself to the latest Sports Illustrated models & feeling deficient?

One such story (that is said to have its origins in African as well as Cherokee cultures) tells how Brer Fox wanted to trick Brer Rabbit. He made a figure out of tar that looked like a cute little baby and set it in the middle of the road. When Brer Rabbit saw the tar baby in the road, he tried to talk to it. But since the tar baby was not real, it wouldn't respond. Brer Rabbit got so mad that he hit the tar baby and his paw stuck firmly into the tar. Since he was now trapped and couldn't get away he got even angrier and continued hitting and kicking until he was completely covered in tar and unable to move. Each hit and each kick only further entangled him in the muck of the tar. Do Good Men Still Exist?

In the same way that Brer Rabbit got more and more tangled up in the tar the harder he tried to escape, the more we continue to compare ourselves to others, to supermodels of any kind, each punch of comparison only creates further entanglement. The first step in freeing yourself from feelings of objectification is to call off the fight. Simply recognize and acknowledge the beauty of the other. In comparison, someone is always up and someone else is down. Sometimes you will win in the comparison match and sometimes you will lose. But in the battle you become entangled just like Brer Rabbit.

Once Brer Rabbit realized how pointless all his fighting with the tar baby had been, he still needed a way to get free. He cleverly talked Brer Fox into throwing him into the briar patch. Brer Fox was only too happy to toss Brer Rabbit who was utterly covered in tar into the thick of the sharp, pointed briars. He thought the briar patch would be a painful place for Brer Rabbit to be. But Brer Rabbit was born in the briar patch. He was able to use those briars to free himself from all that tar. 

Even though you may have viewed parts of your form, your appearance, as briars to be avoided, just like Brer Rabbit, it is possible to get free. Beauty can be found by the mind that knows where to look. Perfection does not equal beauty. What is inherently natural (and beautiful) in you is radiated from your core. You were born with it. The recognition of your essential beauty can help free you from the stickiness of comparisons. I promise, as you earnestly do this, your confidence will radiate into the world. 7 Body Parts Men Love — Just The Way They Are

If feelings of inadequacy in comparison to a supermodel arise in you, first acknowledge any beauty you too recognize in those images but then more importantly remember your own beauty, in whatever form that may be. When you "take beauty action" from the inside out, others will be more likely to recognize your beauty, too.

See Paldrom's little video about "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models & Your Self Esteem."

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