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The Truth About The List...

Okay, we know you’ve heard it many times from all kinds of sources from your best friend, to Cosmo, to every dating coach out there: Make a List of What You Want. It's true – creating a list is a crucial step in Read More

Is Your Concept Of 'Soul Mate' Keeping You Single?

We are all looking for that special someone to share our lives with… that certain someone who “fits” as if he or she was meant to be there. This exquisite person who is our one true love; the person designed as our match; our soul mate. For many people, this idea that they have one Read More

What's Your Secret?

Before we got married, for many years, Orna loved to ask long-married couples she met what their secret was. Meeting an older couple at the airport, parents of friends, even couples at the market would lead to her asking, “So, what’s your secret?” She knew that in their answers lay Read More

To Argue Or Not To Argue? Is That The Question?

When we are in a committed relationship there will be high times and low times, good times and bad. The idea is to weather the storm – TOGETHER! The best course of action is to leave space for your partner to feel whatever they may be feeling. Often we may desire for things to be different. We wish our ...

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Are You Ready to Get Back Into the Dating World?

When you’re looking to go back into the dating world, it is important to know what you desire. Are you looking for a long-term relationship, perhaps even marriage? Or are you just looking to get your feet wet again, and see what it’s like out there? Maybe you’re just looking to have a good ...

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The Truth About The List...

Does making the proverbial LIST really set you on track to find a relationship?

dreamy woman

Is Your Concept Of 'Soul Mate' Keeping You Single?

Is there really just one match for everyone? What exactly IS a soul mate?


What's Your Secret?

The secrets and benefits of a long-term happy marriage.

To Argue Or Not To Argue? Is That The Question?

During and argument we can get caught up in being right. Creating the space to feel can heal a rift.

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Are You Ready to Get Back Into the Dating World?

lWhat questions do you need to ask before you start dating again?

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