How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?


How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?
Self-love is an ongoing practice, a way of being. Develop self-love with these practices:

Journaling can also be done at night before bed or anytime you get stuck in a negative emotional state. Journaling when you are stuck in a negative emotion can allow you to find clarity and let go of that feeling.


5. Say nice things to yourself.

Otherwise known as affirmations. When self-love is an issue it is probably because you have a strong negative internal voice. Saying nice things to yourself, even when you don’t believe them yet, can allow you to quiet that negative voice.

During any repetitive action that doesn’t require a lot of brainpower, repeat a mantra or affirmation like:

“I love and approve and accept myself.”
“I am worth loving.”
“There is plenty of love for everyone, including me.”

Doing this while exercising, doing the dishes, brushing your teeth, walking up a few flights of stairs, strolling the aisles at the supermarket, or any other common daily activity will go a long way towards changing that negative internal voice.

Remember, what you are saying to yourself about yourself is key to learning to love yourself. This is your chance to be a good parent to your inner child and tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

Taking daily actions of Self Love will shift your entire life over time. Make the commitment to loving and honoring yourself – if you won’t make the effort or take the time…how could you ever expect that someone else will?

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