Lessons from Eat Pray Love


Lessons from Eat Pray Love

It seems like everyone is talking about Elizabeth Gilbert’s book with the movie starring Julia Roberts in theatres worldwide. So what is the message that everyone is buzzing about that is so clearly articulated in the book’s pages?

Self Love.


That’s right! The key to having all that we desire all comes down to how we love ourselves.

Here are some questions for you to ponder to discover the level that you truly love yourself:

1. Do you honor your commitments?
~ Our word must be golden. If we agree to it, it is done.
2. Do you take time to refuel?
~ Learning to serve ourselves before others is a learned skill and takes dedication.
3. Do you take responsibility for where you are currently?
~ Blame is the enemy. Notice what is being mirrored back to you when you connect with others. How we FEEL is an indication of what is going on inside of us. If we feel a “negative” emotion – what is going on inside us that is creating it? No one “makes” us feel anything. The only way out of the “blame game” is to step up and into responsibility.

Our intimate relationship mirrors what is going on inside of us. If we are unable to honor the commitments we make to ourselves then how can we expect someone outside of us to honor their commitments to us?

Remember this: The reflection we see is not a direct reflection – it is more like a “Fun House” mirror with a distorted image. The entire world, and all of our relationships are in some way mirroring back to us a reflection of our relationship with ourselves.

Going back to old behavior will only create more similar experiences like those in our past. To move forward, we must embrace whatever negative emotion may be coming up for us. To have a real shift may feel uncomfortable at first. Taking on any new behavior will take some practice. Trust in the process.

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