Discover the Secret to Love Like You've Never Been Hurt!


Discover the Secret to Love Like You've Never Been Hurt!

Is this the year you hoped it would be? The one where you FINALLY stop the negative cycles?

Do you desire to go through the holidays with confidence, clarity, and self-love like never before?


Are you prepared to face whomever, wherever, whenever?

We know that wanting love and feeling valued are at the top of your list of desires – isn't it time to take ACTION to achieve this?

We believe that no one needs to go through another holiday season feeling lonely again! That's why we've put together this FREE call just in time to give you a workable plan, a tested strategy and support to go through this holiday season differently than any other!

Isn't it time you stopped wishing and hoping and took some action to create the love you most desire?

What if you discovered your internal guidance system that continues to create the same dysfunctional relationships over and over again? . . . And discovered the tools to transform it?

Are you tired of settling for what is available instead of what you want? You give too much and feel neglected OR you focus on yourself and spend all of your time alone, or working on your business?

Isn’t it time you changed that old story and began to create the relationship you truly desire in your heart and soul?

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Look we get it, relationships can be the most difficult thing in your life. Sometimes it even feels like you will never find someone to share your life with.

We've all experienced the pain and heartbreak and the loss of hope.
A big part of the problem is that we judge what is available to us in the future by what happened in the past. All the mistakes and broken relationships become the template for what we don't want, stopping us from feeling like we can have all that we desire.

We each spent years on our own struggling to find connection. When we met in the summer of 2007, we knew almost instantly that we were going to be together. It was the easiest and most comfortable relationship that either of us had ever experienced.

In fact, the day after our FIRST date Orna canceled scheduled dates with 2 other men!

Now that goes against all conventional wisdom in the world of dating experts. But Orna was so confident in our connection and in her own intuitive sense that this was the right choice. And we know that when you meet your soul mate that you will know it right away too.

Why Do We Think You Can Achieve What We Have In Our Lives?

Because we've been there and we've done the work. We aren't childhood or high school sweethearts. We didn't even meet during or right after college. It took us over 20 years to find each other and now that we have, we realize that if it is possible for us to create this amazing relationship then it is possible for you too . . . and in a lot less time.

The best part is that YOU already know this. You sense it in your gut. Something's wrong with how you’ve been choosing partners and the strategies taught on various dating sites don’t seem to make a difference.

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Orna And Matthew Walters

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Creating Love On Purpose…not just by accident!

We are Relationship Coaches for Singles who desire LOVE!

Everything in life worth having takes effort. When it comes to matters of the heart we all seem to buy into the idea that it will happen by magic. The truth is that your internal guidance system will continue to create the same dysfunctional relationships over and over again . . . until we make the effort to change our story!

You don't have to settle for just enough! You can have it all! And we are here to show you how.

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“Focus On Love – Change Your Life!”

Orna and Matthew Walters, C.Ht.


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