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Online Relationships and Cyberinfidelity


As more adults spend their leisure time in chatrooms our definition of relationships changes...

This article was written by Kate Anthony in 2001 for  and still holds relevance today! The article was published in the Counselling Psychology Journal which is now known as Therapy Today.

Anthony, K. (2001). “Online Relationships & CyberInfidelity”. Counselling Psychology Journal, 12 (9) 38-9

If a client came to you grief stricken about the cyberinfidelity of a lover she had never met, would you be able tot take her seriously? As increasing numbers of adults spend their leisure time in chatrooms, Kate Anthony argues that a new cultural difference is emerging between clients and therapists in their understanding of what constitutes a valid relationship.

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This article was originally published at Online Therapy Institute . Reprinted with permission from the author.


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