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Become a Certified Intuitive Practitioner!


Do you use your intuitive skills to help people? Are you a healer? Wny not earn a credential?

If you use your intuition to help others, this credential is for you! The Certified Intuitive PractitionerYou might already be a healer, using Reiki techniques or you might be learning about chakras, auras, shamanism or mysticism. 

Do you just get a "sense" about people? A knowing? Have you considered yourself an empath, clairvoyant or psychic? 

If you want to learn to use your intuition ethically, from delivering confidential services online to building your practice while maintaining a responsible online presence, this training and credential are for you! 

Learn at your own pace, online while receiving individualized coaching and mentoring! 

Read more about this great training opportunity! 


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