Britney Spears Made The First Move & So Can You!


Britney Spears Made The First Move & So Can You! [EXPERT]
Face your fears and summon your inner-Britney with these three tips!

Is he a cologne man? Tell him you're bringing him on a scent adventure and take him shopping to discover new scents. Is he a fan of the local football team? Snag some great seats and promise him a hotdog and a beer to go with it. How could he resist? 

If you practice these three principles the next time you want to ask someone out on a date, it will probably go well. You will appear (and be) confident and friendly and most of all, you will stand out from the crowd because your offer is tantalizingly out of the ordinary.


Who wouldn't say, "Yes?"  After all, Jason said yes to Britney, and now they're engaged. Imagine what could happen to you? Try these tips and find out.

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