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Put Your Put-Downs Down with Love!

Put Your Put-Downs Down with Love!

You: “You really should get
off that couch. You’re getting a belly.”

Him:  “Yeah? And who put on ten pounds she
can’t take off?”

Ouch. That hurt!

But you know the drill –
what goes around comes around. You were critical, he criticized you right back.

Maybe you’re right, maybe
he’s right too – that’s hardly the issue. What matters is how you come at it,
with love or with put-downs.

With love is something like:
“I’m having more trouble getting rid of these 10 pounds. Would you be willing
to do a power-walk with me a couple of times a week, help me get it off?”

Your pounds and his belly
could get in shape pretty darn quick – without either of you suffering a
put-down. . .


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