It’s Fightin’ Time, Again!

By YourTango

It’s Fightin’ Time, Again!

Leave the door open
If you come to an impasse, rather than throwing in the towel or backing your spouse into a corner, suggest that you both think about what was discussed, and see if coming together again at a later date might not be beneficial. In the meantime, make some notes summarizing what you think were the main points and progress so far. Now you’ve truly redefined the issue as one of discussion with every expectation of a good outcome.

Disagreeing with your mate is part of life--it's going to happen. How you approach the disagreement will result in either a full-blown argument (with ample shouting or worse, hurt silence) or a solution that can be used to create a stronger bond between the two of you. Learn to negotiate and you’ll have far greater success, and a much more peaceful marriage!

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