Boyfriend Refuses To Give An Inch

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Boyfriend Refuses To Give An Inch

Why is it when you know you’re right and your boyfriend’s wrong, he refuses to give an inch? Why won’t he listen to you when it’s obvious he messed up?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



You're fuming. Your boyfriend blithely stated he knew perfectly well how to put a bike together and didn't need to read the instructions despite your repeated suggestions he do so.  So here you are, 3 hours later, your boyfriend swearing over a pile of leftover parts that should fit somewhere. So much for your fun afternoon together. When you tell your boyfriend, "See, I told you you should have read the instruction manual," he practically bites your head off and STILL won't read the instructions. What gives?


Pride. Your boyfriend's pride. He wants to be your Knight in shining armor, slay your dragons and do wonderful deeds for you, and here he is faced with a pile of leftover parts. He's failed you and that hurts, even though you're right. It would have been wiser to read the instructions first. However, your being right won't serve you. Instead, chill. Go online-shopping, read a book, or whatever – and leave your boyfriend alone. He'll sort it out.


In the future, if something requires instructions, what then? Make a game of it!

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