Why Are Single Women Choosing To Be Single Moms?


Why Are Single Women Choosing To Be Single Moms?

In my private practice, I welcome women to sort through the pro’s and con’s and feelings associated with the decision  to become a single mom or not.  You can review your personal situation, e.g. support system, financial backup, easily enough on your own.  But a thorough consideration of the idea, in a supportive environment, is helpful.  If you lean toward going ahead with the process, it's a good idea to anticipate the aspects of psychological importance at each stage, such as mourning the idea/expectation of the traditional family, adoption or choosing a donor (or friend),  trying to conceive, and pregnancy, and then becoming a new mom.  If it becomes clear that you don't have the means to take on this responsibility, or that another path  is best for you, I provide support to focus on your desired "role(s)" and goals, and to identify any feelings of loss at the same time.

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