5 Mistakes Wives Make That Lead To Divorce


mistakes wives make that lead to divorce
These marital don'ts can drive even the best husbands away.

4. You're unadventurous in the bedroom. As I mentioned before, to your husband, sex is more than just a physical act. Men naturally crave variety! Knowing this, you should maintain an open mind when it comes to various sexual acts that your husband may want to try. Remember your vows to "honor thy husband" ... that includes his bodily desires. You two are going to be together for the rest of your lives. You want to be open to new and exciting ways to keep your marriage hot! Keep an open mind and try anything (within reason) at least once, you may find out that you enjoy it.

5. You neglect yourself. As women, we can allow ourselves to become so consumed with our children, husbands, careers and other responsibilities that we neglect ourselves. We neglect our own wants and desires that we have for ourselves such as learning a new language, starting our own business or experiencing a new part of the world. Always remember to make deposits into your own personal stock and that the higher your stock grows, the better you will feel about yourself and your life. With this kind of positivity, you have no choice but to be an amazing wife to your husband!

A wife that does not nag, keeps steamy sex as a priority in her marriage and maintains her fabulousness on the outside as well as the inside will definitely have a very happy husband! The marriage will be filled with the peace and passion that all should have and wives being treated in the way they've always desired.

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