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What happened to the telephone ?

What happened to the telephone ?

Does anyone talk on the phone anymore? The telephone use to be a vital part of dating… Now phone conversations have been replace with texts. Texting-while-dating is a toxic trend; let’s bring back the phone call !

Successful dating starts with effective communication.
Texting is not an effective way to communicate with a stranger.
If you don’t know someone, why are you texting them?
You can’t truly understand the essence of how someone speaks through a text. Tone, pitch, and inflection are indecipherable. Why text a stranger, when a phone call is more compelling? Why allow your intentions to be misconstrued? Ambiguity is not attractive…

Here’s an example of a typical text, sent to one of my female clients by a man she met the night before: “hey, great 2 meet u”. That was it, just one blurb! Technically speaking, a text is like electronic flatulence: quick, unexpected, and has a lingering effect. Seriously guys, is this the best you can do? I know men hate the phone and are in constant fear of rejection; but really, Scooby-Doo could whip up something better than that…

Texting someone you met the night before has cowardice written all over it. Guys: If you have successfully received a girl’s number, step-up; call her! Ladies: If you’re annoyed that he’s texting you and hasn’t called, find your voice - tell him to call you. If the two of you can’t manage a basic phone call, this is a red-flag…

Once you are in an established relationship, I say text your face off! (If that’s your thing) In fact, nothing like an afternoon “sext” to get you through the day. 5 o’clock won’t seem impossible. But until you reach that point: try the phone, enjoy quality face-to-face time, and if you have to, fire off a nice email. The dating process can be confusing; don’t make it more stressful by sending ambiguous texts.

I will open this up to all of you…
During the initial stages, do you find texting to be helpful or harmful in the dating marketplace?

Date and love boldly,



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