SEX: Compatibility. Consequences. Timing.


SEX: Compatibility. Consequences. Timing.
Before engaging in sexual activity, consider these 3 issues: Compatibility. Consequences. Timing.

To the men in the dating marketplace looking for love, I’d like to say this about sexual readiness: I don’t care how revved-up you are, tone it down until you get the green light. Be patient; when it comes to sexual timing, wait for a woman’s signal… Your sexual eagerness is different from a woman’s, and the consequences of having sex are not the same for you as it is for her. The obvious consequences women are confronted with (just to name a few) are pregnancy, pernicious feminine STD’s, and the possibility of being perceived as a slut. The emotional consequences can be much greater… Take this into consideration the next time you are looking to dive down the sexual rabbit hole. Acting too soon could be counterproductive to your dating mission. An overzealous sex drive may scare her off; you might lose out on a solid relationship opportunity.

A healthy sex life is one of the best aspects of adulthood. Sex is also one of the greatest benefits of being in a compatible, stimulating relationship or marriage. However the issue of timing is important; beware of having sex too prematurely. When in doubt, ask yourself these questions before engaging in any type of sexual activity with your partner: Am I ready for the responsibilities of sex? Is the timing right? Am I prepared for the consequences? Do my partner and I share the same feelings about sex and sexual exploration? The decision to have sex is a personal choice; never let anyone force you into a situation which is unacceptable to you and your standards.

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