Confidence: A Parachute For Rejection


Confidence: A Parachute For Rejection

(This kind of competition is unproductive.) Your goal is to be the most confident, authentic version of your self. If you need assistance in the confidence department, consult an expert. With professional guidance, you will be able to appreciate and understand your true self. And over time, you will be able to use your confidence as a parachute for rejection. Rejection can be quite painful. Whenever you find yourself in doubt, take solace in this fact: you have tremendous, unique qualities which someone will not only recognize, but appreciate and embrace. Finally, here’s the payoff for enduring the madness of dating: once you find that perfect someone, the distress inflicted by rejection will seem meaningless. And by relying on your confidence, you’ll be thrilled you never settled and never quit on yourself ! Date and love boldly, Nicole

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