Are You Compatible? An 11 Point Checklist Challenge


11 Ways To Ensure You're Compatible
To verify you are with the correct person, take the following 11 Point Checklist Challenge.

Religion: Is your religious devotion a significant aspect of your life? Does it matter if your partner worships in a synagogue, church, or mosque? Will your family accept your partner’s religion? Are you willing to convert religions? Can you date an atheist?

Marriage / Children: Is marriage and children a desired life goal? Does your partner share your sentiments? The issue of marriage and children is the ultimate non-negotiable. If your answer is unequivocally “yes”, and your partner’s answer is a definitive “no”, move on.

You can’t force or fabricate compatibility. Hold yourself accountable for the choices you are making; do not ignore the red flags! By screening people in the aforementioned categories, you will never be tempted to date someone who is not aligned with your standards.

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