Would You Rather Take Medication Or Eat Kale?


Would You Rather Take Medication Or Eat Kale?
Take charge of your diet and live happy and healthy forever!

Did you ever play that silly party game called 'Would You Rather'? It worked like this: You would be offered two completely awful choices - equally ludicrous, usually gross, and often involving sex - and you had to choose which option you would rather take. A very mild example is: Would you rather live the rest of your life with no electricity or with no plumbing?

The choices were not meant to be realistic - that would be no fun. The choices were designed to compel you to define yourself. What kind of grossness would you tolerate over another kind of grossness?


Part of the game was that you HAD to make a choice. You couldn't just say, "Oh, that's too ridiculous - I'm not answering!". You HAD to choose, lest you be labeled a major party-pooper.

If you think about it, we are constantly playing 'Would You Rather', every time we make any choice at all in our lives. No matter how big or small, we still make hundreds of choices every day between things we'd rather have over other things.

Would you rather take a cab to work or walk? Would you rather save this money or renovate the kitchen? Would you rather color your hair or let it go gray?

We're making choices all the time - they create our lives - and, usually, we have no trouble imagining the potential consequences of our actions. Being willing and able to understand the consequences that accompany each choice makes it easier to decide what to do.

When it comes to our diets, though, it seems like we're only willing to let our imaginations go so far. We know - vaguely - that we're supposed to eat 'healthy' and exercise....or else 'bad things' will happen.....but we don't want to dive too deeply into what those 'bad things' might be.

Why is that?

I'm sure a big reason why we don't like to think about the consequences of an unhealthy diet is because it's a total downer! Nobody wants to dwell on the idea that they might wind up hospitalized, on medication, living out the rest of their days in a slow, steady decline. It's scary, scary, scary stuff - I know. 

There is another factor at play, as well, in my opinion and it's this: If we really stopped and considered what we're putting in our mouths and what it's doing to our bodies....we might have to make some different choices at our very next meal. And many, many people don't want to 'give up' their favorite foods, no matter what the potential impact. The pleasure of eating sugar, salt, and fat NOW, outweighs the potential horrific impact it's having on your body - and how it might effect the rest of your life.

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