Creating Your Own Happiness


Creating Your Own Happiness
It came as huge news to me that it isn't actually possible to be happy ALL the time.

Feelings change. Feelings pass. Everything shifts.

Secondly, I would like to encourage you to strive - not for a constant state of happiness (which we now understand is not possible) - but rather...
Strive for a constant state of JOY.


Happiness is a feeling - but joy is a state of being. Joy is an outlook, an approach, a way of interacting with your life. Joy is sustainable, because it comes from within you. Joy creates the space in your life for more happy feelings.

So how do you create a constant state of joy?

Well, first you have to choose it.

And it IS that simple.

You may not be able to choose your feelings (or no one would ever feel sad - or nauseous) - but you can choose your outlook and your approach to living your life. So, choose joy.

Once you've chosen joy as your default setting, I invite you to shift your attention to gratitude.

To my way of thinking, the root of all good things is gratitude. Deep, deep, humble and specific gratitude.

Find gratitude for the sun rising, the breeze blowing, the bus driver who shows up for work every day, the people who built your apartment building, the barrista who knows how to make your coffee, the workers who keep the city parks clean and well-gardened, the engineer who designed the bridges you drive over every day, the person who first figured out how to make peanutbutter.

There is so much that goes into the life you are living that is worth acknowledging and which inspires deep gratitude and sustains JOY. If you can stop and take notice of all the miracles in your life that exist in every single, solitary moment, it's hard NOT to be catapulted into a glorious place of ongoing joy - and even bliss.

What do you think? Is this all a bunch of hooey? Would you rather strive for happiness or joy? How would YOU go about living in joy?

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