Sticks & Stones: Could You Withstand A Verbal Attack?


Sticks & Stones: Could You Withstand A Verbal Attack?
Lessons we can learn from the confident, graceful Sandra Fluke!

Instead of believing what was said about her and retreating from the debate, she completely rejected the negative and shameful labels with poise and grace. She didn't even feel the need to defend herself or offer proof that she was not, in fact, a paid prostitute. The accusations were too foolish to even merit that kind of response. Her composure and her continued focus on the substance of the debate spoke volumes about her true character.

For Sandra Fluke, it doesn't matter what anyone says about her. SHE knows who she is. That kind of confidence comes from deep within. It's born out of self-respect, pride, accomplishment, and self-knowledge. I believe it's attainable for all of us. What would it take for you to become that comfortable and confident in who you are?


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