5 Ways To Avoid Spring Holiday Weight Gain


5 Ways To Avoid Spring Holiday Weight Gain [EXPERT]
Stay in shape before the summer starts with these great tips!

If you gave up sugar for Lent, how will you avoid overdoing it once Lent is over? And how are you going to manage all the chopped liver and matzoh ball soup at your Passover seder? Figure out ahead of time how many treats you're going to enjoy, how much you can skip, and when you will exercise — and stick to it. If you have a conscious strategy in place, your success is going to feel like a breeze!

4. Remember That There's Always A Next Time


The beauty of the holidays is that they happen every year! This year is not the last time you will ever have the chance to eat a chocolate bunny. Truth be told, you can eat chocolate, drink wine, and eat brisket every day of the year if you really wanted to! 5 Food Label Dealbreakers

The choice is yours. Remind yourself that you really can eat whatever you want — it's simply a matter of deciding whether or not you really want it. There will always be chocolate!

5. Let Yourself Off The Hook

Sure, you're trying to lose weight and be healthier, but you also want to feel peaceful, right? The traditions of the holidays are comforting, reassuring, and they are meant to be celebrated. While we don't always have to celebrate with food, if you deny or restrict yourself too much, it will invite rebellion. Health Help: What Does 'Eating Well' Really Mean?

Have a chocolate mini-egg or some of your grandma's matzoh-brei if it would bring you pleasure. Enjoy it and savor it! Just stay connected to your inspiration from item #1 and make a conscious choice not to overindulge.

No matter what the season, the reality is that there will always be temptations and unique circumstances that pop up on your road to a healthier body. The key to success is in having lots of tools and strategies that you can turn to so that you don't get discouraged or permanently derailed! How To NEVER Eat Anything Again.

What are your health and fitness goals for the summer?

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