5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They're Trying To Be Healthy


5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When They're Trying To Be Healthy
Do you struggle to stay healthy? Always falling off the wagon? Read on to get your head on straight!

3. Trying To Be Perfect

True story from my life, before I ‘upgraded’ my thinking: I used to have a food scale so that I could weigh all my food to make sure I was eating the perfect amounts of everything – even chips. Yes. I weighed my chips. Now, food scales are awesome and can be very handy kitchen gadgets under the right circumstances but, clearly, I was abusing my poor food scale. And myself! Trying to be perfect with  your food – or with anything – is completely crazy-making and a surefire way to go off the rails and rebel. You just can’t live your life with such rigidity. You are not a FAILURE because you didn’t have exactly 6oz of lean protein with only 1tsp of healthy fats and a spritz of lemon. Life happens. Sometimes you have 7oz of lean protein and it’s not the end of the world. Ease up.

4. Making It Too Complicated

Once upon a time, people ate organically-grown, whole foods when they were hungry, and they ran around outside a lot. The End. Somehow, though, we now think that we need funky whey shakes and power bars and powdered protein smoothies in order to be ‘healthy’. We think we need to eat in specific ratios and combinations – or at well-timed moments in the day. We have completely lost touch with the abject PLEASURE of eating natural, whole foods, simply prepared in a way that honors the ingredients. We have also lost touch with our natural hunger. Too many times when we set out on a health ‘program’, we follow the program instead of following our own natural instincts. This sets up a conflict within us that will ultimately cause us to rebel and abandon the whole endeavor.


5. Forgetting That Life Goes On After The ‘Program’ Is Over

I once did the cabbage soup diet for a whole week in my early 20′s. Truly – I ate nothing but that lame cabbage soup for an entire week – and I totally lost weight. It ‘worked’. But then you know what happened when that week was over?? I ate an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos because I was so freakin’ hungry and deprived. It’s important to plan for life AFTER whatever regimen, diet, or program you may have started. Life is long and wonderful – too long and wonderful to spend drinking meal replacement shakes and weighing your food. If it’s not something you can imagine yourself doing long-term as a way of life….then you probably won’t stick with it long-term as a way of life. What if you sought to be healthy for the long haul – not just for 21-days?


Please leave your comments below and let me know if any of this resonates for you. How do YOU define ‘healthy’ and why, specifically, is it important to you to achieve?

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