7 Educational Games You Can Play With Your Kids


7 Educational Games You Can Play With Your Kids [EXPERT]
Keep your kids sharp all summer long!

3. Mad Libs. This is a great, fun way to increase grammar skills of kids from about 3rd grade to adult. Mad Libs is a series of fill-in-the blank stories. One person asks the group for the required type of word (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, etc.), and fills in the word for the story. After all the blanks are filled, the person filling in the words then reads the whole story. This is lots of fun, always hilarious, and really helps with grammar skills.

Keep a few Mad Libs in the car. They are great for trips. Do not allow it to get inappropriate. Remind your kids to keep it clean.


4. Family Trip Accountant. Have one child keep a running tab of all the expenses during a family trip, adding the expenses up each day. The "accountant," can also separate the expenses into different categories.

5. Spy Family. On your next vacation, make believe that you are a spy family and have to develop a new identity and history for everyone. Spend some time answering these questions about your new spy family; Where do you live? What are your names? What skill does each person have? What is your mission? What languages do you speak? 5 Lessons Adults Should Learn From Kids

6. Alphabet Games. These are simple games families can play in the car. Try to find the letters of the alphabet on road signs or on license plates. These games are best played as a team since the younger kids might feel left out.

7. License Plate States. Have one child make a list of all fifty states, and see how many state plates you can find during your trip. This increases geography and awareness. After each state is found, ask if the kids remember the capital of that state and add it to the list.

Keep these ideas in mind as a way to increase school skills, without it looking like school.

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