Kids These Days...Are They Really Worse Than We Were?


Kids These Days...Are They Really Worse Than We Were?

And I have to say that I am impressed and amazed, sometimes to the point of being stunned.

I am impressed at their ability to think through ideas and synthesize new ways of considering things. I have watched as kids will make amazing leaps of logic and not know exactly how they got there. Kids in the last ten years have been living such a radically different existence than any other generation before them, that our ways of measuring their progress don't work.

My thought is that we are doing what every generation of parents do: We talk about how kids these days are in trouble. And it seems that every generation ends up doing some amazing things as adults.
My hope, and my prediction, is that these kids are going to blow us away with what they do when they are in charge!

Neil McNerney, LPC

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