Does Calories In Vs. Calories Out Equal Weight Loss?


Does Calories In Vs. Calories Out Equal Weight Loss?
Myth on calories in vs. calories out. Does it really equal weight loss?

I remember when I first started practicing Metabolic Typing, a colleague of mine made a conscius effort to eat organic and free range chicken. He used to be able to put away nearly a whole chicken by himself when it was NOT organic...when he switched to Organic Chicken he could barely eat a leg and a thigh before he was full!

He was convinced something was wrong with him, so he called our Metabolic Typing Advisor and coach, and said, "I think something is wrong with appetite is diminished...something must be wrong...oh no!"


She just laughed and said, "You are now eating REAL body won't need as much! Just eat what your body tells you to eat and stop worrying!"

I have seen that similar pattern play out with clients over the years and it always make me smile because it is actually the way we should be eating to optimize our health!

So, quality food leads to less caloric consumption than inferior quality foods!

Also, when you look at weight gain there are many other factors at play. You have Inflammation and inflammatory foods, hormonal issues, parasites, stressors, mental/emotional issues, etc.

Working on breathing techniques and stress reduction methods, without a change in calories, can help you to loose some weight, as it is a big change in the weight you are emotionally carrying.

This is of critical importance if you are addressing weight loss! ANY emotional issue can prevent the body from releasing weight that is already stored!

Mental and Emotional burdens can wreck the body and cause weight gain and other health issues!

SO, stop counting calories and start working on Metabolic Typing and Food Quality! Start to notice the changes for yourself!  Contact me for an evaluation.

In Health and Happiness,


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