Is His Job A Red Flag? 8 Problematic Careers


Is His Job A Red Flag? 8 Problematic Careers
When a guy's chosen career path makes you cringe, you may not want to hire him to be your boyfriend.

Philosopher: “I met a guy in a coffee shop and he told me he was a “philosopher.” We swapped email addresses and he soon messaged me to ask me out. That’s when I discovered he actually signs his emails with this full name followed by, ‘Philosopher’. Unsurprisingly, I discovered on our date that he was way too high and mighty for me, as is anyone who claims to have the same title as Socrates. “

Self-Proclaimed Artist: “I have a thing for broke-as-a-joke artist types. There was the "independent film maker," for whom I picked up every tab, spent "romantic" nights together working on his movies and bringing him espresso for his all night editing sessions. There was the actor who spent his rare cash on new headshots, and the photographer who still collected unemployment checks. Thankfully, I grew out of this phase.”


Perpetual Waiter: “A guy I dated had been working at The Cheesecake Factory for over a decade, as a waiter, and claimed to be doing so ‘just for fun’ — at almost 35 years old. When I found out that he still lived at home, and didn’t chip in for rent or food, I knew he was not the ambitious, and grown-up, man I was looking for."

Professional Bum: “I met a man at a friend’s party and we soon started dating. We spent a lot of time at my place--he always wanted to sleep over. I got a suspicious as to why we never went to his house. It turned out that every night he wasn’t with me, he lived at the youth hostel … and he was just using me for my apartment.”

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If you look out for those big red flags, no one can say "I told you so." For more advice, check out the authors' dating guide The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags

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