Is His Job A Red Flag? 8 Problematic Careers


Is His Job A Red Flag? 8 Problematic Careers
When a guy's chosen career path makes you cringe, you may not want to hire him to be your boyfriend.

Well, it’s pretty obvious to us that getting involved with a politician will likely lead to an infidelity-ridden relationship. But there are other challenging career paths men can have, which could cause you to think twice before considering a guy for Mr. Right-material.

Here are some of tales of relationship woe we’ve received from women across the country about men with particularly problematic jobs. Of course, not all guys with these professions are cringe-worthy, but the ones in these stories certainly give their career paths a bad rap. The stories below may just make you laugh— and we could sure use a LOL or two after all this depressing infidelity news—unless of course you were lucky enough to date one of these types yourself.


Bartender: “My last boyfriend was a bartender and he’d brag to me how many girls were ogling him and trying to get him to take them home. Was I supposed to feel flattered that he didn’t cheat on me with them? If he wasn’t telling me these stories just to inflate his ego, I can only assume it was to deflate mine.”

Self-Important CEO: “I was out with my friends when this man approached me, gave me his card and said, ‘Now, when you go home and Google me you’re going to find out I’m an actor — but I’m also a high-power executive so why don’t you check my profile on LinkedIn while you’re at it.’ Ugh, no thanks.”

Guru: “My ex worked at one of those health retreats where people pay to be told what to eat, when to sleep and how long to exercise for an entire week. Initially, I respected him for helping people improve their health and reach their goals. What wasn’t so cool was when he berated me the first time he witnessed me give into a fast food craving.”

Stand-Up Comic: “This profession exhibits some serious red flags in my experience. Not only was my comedian ex a bore when sitting down, but his need to make people laugh as both his job and his identity was a key ingredient in a recipe for self-loathing. And his spine crumbled a little more each time I’d giggled at another man. The laughter literally tore us apart.”

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