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Are We Compatible?

Are We Compatible?

Finding our soul mate - the answers may be written in the face.

The face gives us vital clues about the strengths and challenges that may be experienced within a relationship. Knowing more about each other prior to moving in together, gives couples a "heads up" about what to expect. For example:

If you have wide set eyes and your partner has close set eyes, this could be an issue. You may see your close set eyed partner as being overly sensitive and very intense. Whereas you are more laid back and wondering why your partner is getting so upset. What was not an issue prior to moving in together could now become very annoying. Or if you are the close set eyed person in the relationship, you may get very frustrated when your partner sees you as over reacting and perhaps snaps at you for being that way. Or you've asked your wide set eyed partner to do something and they totally forget or they arrive late. You will find this very frustrating.

What to do about the differences. Be more aware of each other's style of communication and be willing to work out the differences. Don't let it become an issue between you. Reassure your close set eyed partner that you did not intend to hurt their feelings. Or apologize for being late. If you have close set eyes, try not to snap at your partner. Think how it would feel if they were to snap at you. Come up with another approach.

If you would like to learn more about the strengths and challenges that may be experienced in your relationship, please contact Naomi at  Remember it takes two to tango.

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