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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?


Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?
Pure Love is the answer! Discover how Pure Love can change your life and make you super attractive!

How do I give love to another?
You don't give love to another. That is the myth that has hindered the expression of love for a very long time. The truth is that you must love yourself first - unconditionally. When you truly love yourself in all ways without hesitation, interruption, excuse or fear, you become Love. You are love and the true essence of who you really are. This is how you "BEcome Love". You are the beloved you have been searching for.

When you are Love, love overflows from you in ever renewing abundance and flows out into the world naturally. As love effortlessly flows from you, others can receive it and experience it deeply - as deep as they are open to it (which is not your responsibility or will you even care). Even if others are shut down to your love, it still reaches them on an unconscious level and begins to awaken them from their slumber. On some deep level they recognize it as their own true essence. Once that essence is awoken, a greater force leads in the direction of experiencing love fully - experiencing one's self fully. You can only experience yourself fully through Love. Without complete self-love there is only misdirection, confusion and blindness thinking it can see.

When you love yourself unconditionally and you own your power through knowing yourself, love is expressed and experienced as Pure Love. When you reject any part of yourself, you reject your whole self - and any love that is felt or expressed is just a facade. The more you deny yourself, the more love is denied. The more you accept and love yourself, and embrace who you really are, the more love can be expressed and experienced.

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When you are filled with unconditional self-love, every being in the Universe can feel and experience Love through you on a deep level. When you intenuously focus on another, your love vastly enhances the experience of love for you and the recipient of your love. When love's recipient receives love openheartedly and without filters of any sort, love is magnified back to you and as it is magnified in you, you return it with even greater intensity. Love then expands exponentially in all ways - always. This is how love unfolds into the divine experience of God

Pure Love sees itself in everything and everyone - and feels enormous gratitude.

Pure Love clearly sees, deeply feels and absolutely knows that we are all part of the One. Pure Love knows that there is only One and everything appearing separate is an illusion. Pure Love has no doubt, questions, or hesitation in loving. Pure Love is true to itself and has nothing to hide or from which to hide. Pure Love is transparent. Pure Love knows that the only eyes you can ever look into are your own. Pure Love constantly replenishes itself without end.

How do I know if I am expressing Pure Love?
If love ceases to flow in any way, it was never really love to begin with. It was fear masquerading as love. As soon as the party is over, and the masks come down, love is gone. When you experience Pure Love, it is infinite, without hesitation, interruption or question. It just is - and can do nothing other than express itself through you - without conditions or repression of any kind.

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If I give so much to others, isn't that Pure Love?

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