Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?


Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?
Pure Love is the answer! Discover how Pure Love can change your life and make you super attractive!

When you are filled with unconditional self-love, every being in the Universe can feel and experience Love through you on a deep level. When you intenuously focus on another, your love vastly enhances the experience of love for you and the recipient of your love. When love's recipient receives love openheartedly and without filters of any sort, love is magnified back to you and as it is magnified in you, you return it with even greater intensity. Love then expands exponentially in all ways - always. This is how love unfolds into the divine experience of God

Pure Love sees itself in everything and everyone - and feels enormous gratitude.


Pure Love clearly sees, deeply feels and absolutely knows that we are all part of the One. Pure Love knows that there is only One and everything appearing separate is an illusion. Pure Love has no doubt, questions, or hesitation in loving. Pure Love is true to itself and has nothing to hide or from which to hide. Pure Love is transparent. Pure Love knows that the only eyes you can ever look into are your own. Pure Love constantly replenishes itself without end.

How do I know if I am expressing Pure Love?
If love ceases to flow in any way, it was never really love to begin with. It was fear masquerading as love. As soon as the party is over, and the masks come down, love is gone. When you experience Pure Love, it is infinite, without hesitation, interruption or question. It just is - and can do nothing other than express itself through you - without conditions or repression of any kind.

If I give so much to others, isn't that Pure Love?

Does your giving and giving ever leave you drained, depressed or needing something for yourself? If the answer is yes, then you are not experiencing Pure Love. You can have the biggest heart in the world and give generously to every one else but if that love does not overflow out of self-love, it is definitely not Pure Love. Many people put others before themselves because they are empty inside and their giving needs something in return.

If giving to others ever drains you, it is a clear message that you need to redirect your giving to yourself by putting your needs and desires first and foremost. This is not selfish - it is Self Full! Giving to others must come from a full self otherwise it has expectations attached to it - which become unspoken conditions. Your expectations might be that others act the way you think they should act or that they meet your emotional needs in some way. Remember, when you need something from someone else, you are only giving love to get love - which is not Pure Love at all. Pure Love needs NOTHING from anyone - ever. Love yourself first unconditionally and then your love towards others will be bottomless and rejuvenating.

Only when you love yourself first can others truly feel loved by you - otherwise they will consciously or unconsciously feel your emptiness, neediness and expectation - and experience your giving as an unspoken contract of some sort. In other words, they feel that if they accept your love, something is expected from them in return. This explains why people may shut some "givers" out of their lives in one way or another - they are protecting themselves from emotional vampires masquerading as givers. Harsh? Maybe but true nonetheless.

When you are full of self-love, you will truly experience more love from others as well. If you ever feel unloved, it is likely because you are filtering others love for you through your emotional needs. When you use love to fulfill your needs and fill yourself up inside, you never experience it as Pure Love. If you are already full inside, the love you receive is genuinely absorbed by you - because love can only be absorbed and felt through love. When love hits emptiness, it becomes empty. When love hits love, it becomes even more love.

How do I love myself unconditionally?

Pure Love intrinsically knows that everywhere we look we only see ourselves and if we can not love all that we see and experience, it is because we are not really loving ourselves. You cannot purely love another until you love yourself unconditionally. If you put any conditions on your self-love, you are denying yourself and love ceases to flow. If you believe that you can't love yourself until someone forgives you, you lose weight, you make more money or anything else, your self-love is conditional.

Conditional self-love is not love at all. Unconditional means nothing (I do mean nothing) hinders your love for yourself. You are lovable right now - no matter what. In fact, if you don't love yourself right now, even if all your current conditions are met, you will sadly discover that you still don't love yourself and you have set even more unrealistic conditions. The conditions are a distraction and come from a fear based belief system. What are you afraid will happen when you truly love yourself unconditionally right now? Are you ultimately afraid that you will be too powerful for yourself and others? Many believe this.

It's true that in a limited state of conditional self-love, you wouldn't be able to handle the enormous power and strength that comes directly from unconditional self-love but as you continue to choose self-love day after day and minute after minute, you will effortlessly grow into the person who is capable of handling and expressing all your intrinsic power. This is the Secret to creating a fun, rich, exciting and effortless life. This life awaits you.

This article was originally published at Nanice. Reprinted with permission.
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