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Choosing The Right Spouse For A Godly Marriage

As a Christian relationship coach and former matchmaker, I have first hand experience working with countless individuals who desire to attract an emotionally healthy relationship that eventually leads to a lasting, fulfilling marriage. Many people believe they are ready for this important, life changing event, ...

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Two Secrets To A Happier Marriage

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary and my day has been filled with much joy and happy tears because I know how different life could have been if I had not been blessed with such a loving, thoughtful and amazing man. He is the love of my life, my best friend and together, our lives are truly complete. The best ...

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Having It All Together Or Pretending To?

A number of my clients tell me they feel overwhelmed by their lives, whether they're single and looking for the right relationship, in a committed relationship filled with dramatic highs and incredible lows, or in a marriage that pushes too many emotional buttons. Because there is still a sigma related to ...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Say "I Love You" To Your Ex

Working with countless single women as a relationship coach, many tell me they stay connected to various ex-boyfriends. The next step in breaking up in their minds is friendship. Like many online dating experiences, ...

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How To Make Your Second Marriage Go The Distance

A recent article addressed the issue of multiple marriages and how one can answer the question, "Is this your first ...

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Articles by Nancy Pina
A Happy Bride

Choosing The Right Spouse For A Godly Marriage

An emotionally chaotic love life is not normal, nor is it the foundation for a godly marriage.

Happy Wedding Day

Two Secrets To A Happier Marriage

You can experience the love you desire when you make each other priority number one.


Having It All Together Or Pretending To?

The pressure to maintain a facade can lead to a mental breaking point.

Oh My

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Say "I Love You" To Your Ex

It may seem like friendship will ease the pain of breaking up, but it won't.

Happy Wedding Day

How To Make Your Second Marriage Go The Distance

Learning how to love better is a key element in creating the marriage you desire today.

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Goodbye, Mr. Wrong: A Matchmaker Reveals How to Find the "Right One"
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