3 Top Relationship Red Flags


3 Top Relationship Red Flags
How to recognize dating and relationship warning signs before emotions take over in love

Knowing your personal relationship goals and having the courage to not settle for less than what you want in love is vital for lasting happiness. Don’t allow fear based thoughts such as “I’ll never find another person as successful” (or any other must-have quality that appears to be the hook for you) to smother your intuition.

Love with the right person is a shared endeavor, holding each other accountable to mutual love, nurturance, trust and respect.  The right relationship will happen when you are confident of who you are, the love you have to offer and an unapologetic attitude regarding your dreams and desires. Not everyone you date will lead to this ultimate goal; however knowing where you want to go and how you want to be treated in a relationship will serve as a guide to spotting red flags.


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