Why Do You Behave The Way You Do In Love?


Why Do You Behave The Way You Do In Love?
How to communicate effectively in relationships without being controlled by past emotional hurts

Forgive. The only way to be set free from the bondage of wrong thinking is to forgive the person you believe is responsible for your fears. When you formed these emotional armors, they helped you survive that environment. As an adult, you can make the life you choose. The key element is forgiveness, not only forgiving that person, but also yourself. It is important to release the guilt that surfaces when you do and say things you’d wish you didn’t to those you love.

In love, you can embrace childlike qualities of openness, honesty and trust to communicate with your guy and stay in the present moment of the relationship. Emotionally, it is vital to grow out of the formative years so you can love without the fears of the past blocking the way.


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