Diminishing Mother-In-Law Drama


Diminishing Mother-In-Law Drama
Above all, we are family. You can develop a positive connection and maintain healthy boundaries.

Cultivating a positive relationship with even the most challenging mother-in-law is possible without sacrificing your priorities and personal boundaries. Many times it is not understanding a person’s temperament that places one in a tense frame of mind. The good news? You can decide in advance how this important relationship will grow and below is my advice for getting along with the second most important woman in your spouse's life:

How can a spouse improve a difficult mother-in-law relationship?


Act the way you want to feel. If you believe it will be a relationship full of strife, then you will act accordingly and see the results of that mindset. As with any other new friendship, allowing the other person to feel loved and accepted creates a positive atmosphere for getting to know each other.
Treat her with honor and respect. Without her, you would not have your husband and children. Keep that unquestionable thought in the forefront of your mind. Extending kindness to the woman who raised your husband and made untold sacrifices for his well being is worthy of your respect. Do it for the love you have for your spouse, after all, he possesses many of the same qualities and characteristics.
Respect her priorities. Some traditions that are close to her heart may not be as vital to you. Because of her significance in your spouse’s life, I encourage you to not demand your way in every situation.
Set clear boundaries and live your values. People respect a person who exudes confidence and is unapologetic with their personal values. You may not be agreeable on every point, but she will respect your life choices when you live your strong convictions.
Remember grandmothers spoil. Having the opportunity to indulge her grandchildren is a pinnacle life stage. She has the honor of developing an extra special connection to your children that you cannot have because of the role you serve in their lives. So she gives them tons of sweets that you’d never allow in your pantry.  Perhaps it results in some wired kiddos, but in the long run, they will remember the warmth and love experiences when they visited her. She can be a strong adult figure in their lives, another person to turn to who praises them.
Keep a sense of humor. You can decide not to take everything she says so seriously and personally. Empathy says to place yourself in her position and not look for a possible attack.
Don't label her as a meddler. Many people get very frustrated with mother-in-law help they do not want or need. Most likely, she just wants to feel included, involved and useful. She wants to be part of your lives. Instead of stomping off in frustration, channel her energy towards what you want done and remember to be very gracious and generous with your praise.

What should you do when your feelings are hurt by your mother-in-law?

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