3 Myths NFL Wives Believe Who Stay With Abusive Players


3 Myths NFL Wives Believe Who Stay With Abusive Players
Money and power do not necessarily lead to emotional healthy, loving relationships with NFL players.

Without a true desire to change and work through those barriers to love, the player will gravitate toward people and circumstances that are familiar and will attract women who trade the illusion of material security for a poor, emotionally unhealthy relationship with the player.

2. Professional success equates to wise decisions. The night before a game, Dallas Cowboy practice squad linebacker Jerry Brown died in a car crash. The driver was his teammate, Josh Brent who was not a stranger to driving under the influence. The duo were out drinking. These players repeated an established pattern of behavior that led to a horrible tragic ending.


All the fame and fortune these players attained did not erase their past nor did their success infuse their minds with correct lifestyle decisions. If anything, the access to money and the celebrity attached to being a professional football player tends to make the likelihood of these incidences higher.

3. Bad behavior can be waited out. The NFL girlfriend or spouse many times has the mindset that she can hold out until the player gets his bad behavior "out of his system." She has been taught early on in life that wealth and the access to that power is more important than how she is treated in love. She enables the lifestyle because she does not want him to leave. The only person who can make these emotional changes is the person himself.

The personal meltdowns of NFL players reported in the news is a strong warning sign that many of these men are not equipped to handle their success. The power and fame does go to their heads and cannot erase the wrong mindsets learned in their formative years. Many times the darkness that pushed them to succeed professionally, becomes the downfall personally. This does not need to be the predictable outcome to these talented men's lives.

By facing the internal demons of the past instead of trying to hide them, each person regardless of one's profession, can live a fulfilling life with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

Nancy Pina is a highly recognized author, relationship coach and speaker. She is dedicated to helping individuals attract emotionally healthy relationships through her practical, Christian-based advice. Visit here for articles, exercises, coaching options and recent books.

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