How to Get Over Your Chocolate Hangover


How to Get Over Your Chocolate Hangover
Chocolate might be Better than Sex, but What About when You’ve Overdosed?

Stop spinning and start breathing.   When chocolate and other indulges have put you over the edge, help reset your overamped nervous system by just stopping and doing some long, slow deep breathing for 10 or 12 minutes. 

Balance your blood sugar.  The sugar, caffeine, theobromine and other stimulating compounds in chocolate can spike blood sugar.  Add in the champagne or wine love toasts and you’ve created a recipe for stressing the pancreas and the adrenals, putting your system into “fight or flight” overdrive and fat storing mode. 


Your best bet for rebalance:  Lay off the celebratory carbs, sugars, sweets and alcohol  and  have a salad with extra virgin olive oil and some good quality proteins like  fish, nuts, eggs, yogurt for dinner. Or better yet, take some readily absorbed amino acids, the building blocks of protein, to stabilize your blood sugar and rebalance your neurotransmitters.

Get trace Minerals.   Lack of trace minerals, like magnesium, calcium, selenium, and zinc, as well as vitamin C,  B vitamins especially Vitamin B5,  folic acid and choline are common deficiencies in addictions.    So, to help replenish these, get some minerals.  

Don’t have a mineral supplement around?  Try a quick pick-me-up beverage, stirring one tablespoon of mineral-rich blackstrap or other molasses and a couple of tablespoons of nutritional yeast into a cup of hot water.  Sounds weird, but it actually tastes good.  And it works!

Turn off the electronics.   We’re in a culture that literally hammers the mental, driving our sympathetic nervous system mercilessly without giving the parasympathetic system time to help us rest and recoup.  Get out of your head by turning off the computer and TV. Take a break.

Relax. Take a bath.   Cocoon yourself in the bathroom with candles, incense or aromas and soothing music and just shut out the world.  Let yourself relax by meditating or just staring at the candle flame until you can calm down and let your system come back into balance.

Smell some aromatics.    Calm your nervous system by inhaling some aromatic oils or soak in a tub with bath salts containing lavendar, chamomile,  rose, ylang ylang.  Rosemary herb or drops of oil in the water can help detox your body. 

Get more sleep.   Climb out of your bath, wrap yourself in a thick terrycloth bathrobe or warm flannel pj’s, drink a tall glass of water, close the curtains and climb into bed. 

Forget it for the night  and just get yourself some deep, relaxing, rejuvenating sleep, at least 8 hours and 10 if you can, for a change. Could I guess, you probably won’t be dreaming about chocolate... at least for tonight?


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