9 Ways The Fake-Food Alert Helps Your Family Eat Better


9 Ways The Fake-Food Alert Helps Your Family Eat Better
Fake fashion is easy to spot, but fake food? Not so easy. Preventive action required.

7. Get closer to your food.  This doesn’t mean standing by the refrigerator for that midnight snack. It means getting as close to the source of your food as you can. Like to where it’s grown or produced.  

Japanese call it “food with a face on it.” And even if it’s winter or you live in a big city, you can still get more food locally.  More cities are now offering year-round farmer markets.  Greenhouses are sprouting up all over. And there is a growing network of local and regional food hubs working to connect us more directly to healthier food.    Find them and support them.


8. Get Your Kids involved in growing food.  Kids LOVE nurturing plants, it connects and grounds them. Now’s the time to start looking at organic seed catalogs and planning your garden for this year, even if it’s a little starter one on the patio or a simple earth box.  Encouraging your kids to plant and tend tiny seedlings that will become vegetables they eat in a few weeks or months is a proven way to get them to become more aware about the quality and taste of the food they put in their bodies.  Try it and let me know what You find.

9. You Vote with Your Food Dollars.  Just keep remembering, products, food or otherwise, cannot stay on store shelves unless they keep selling.  So, get conscious about the fact that every single time you buy a product, food or not, you are voting with your dollars to keep that item on the market. Exercise your voting power and vote for the foods you want and veto the ones you don’t by NOT BUYING them.

Let’s Get Real about this.   You can go to the gym, buy supplements, and have yearly checkups.  But your food and digestion is the real bottomline of you and your family's health

After years of working for and in the food business, and many more in the trenches trying to get healthier food available, I’ll be happy to shorten your learning curve.  Let me suggest what more and more of us are beginning to realize is inevitable.  To be able to feel confident that you’re enjoying healthier, safer food, Get Real.  Get Real with your Food.  Get REAL Food.


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