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9 Ways The Fake-Food Alert Helps Your Family Eat Better


9 Ways The Fake-Food Alert Helps Your Family Eat Better
Fake fashion is easy to spot, but fake food? Not so easy. Preventive action required.

Incidentally, I used to develop test kitchen recipes for Ac’cent, an early MSG brand that at one time advertised almost as much drug companies today.  Don’t recognize the brand?  Probably not, because now the foodservice manufacturers just put it into the food to make it “tastier” without having to divulge that it’s included.

Hiding in "Natural."  Barely visible on grocery shelves, yet present in all types of food products, monosodium glutamate hides in product labels and restaurant food under about 45 different names, many of which start with “hydrolyzed…corn, wheat, soy, etc,  including “natural flavors.” 

Dr. Russell Blalock calls MSG an “excitotoxin,” which has not only been shown to be addicting, but linked to obesity, diabetes, migraines, and headaches, Autism, ADHD, even Alzheimer’s.  Just another reminder:  there are no standards of definition for the term “natural” either, despite many petitions to the FDA. The agency has set no limit on the MSG additive, either.

5. Get Savvy about Food Labels.   Of course, many people have adopted the label reading practice of “If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t want it.”  Okay, should we ban Sodium Hydrochloride?  That’s salt. We do need some of it.  You don’t need to be a chemist, but you can do some simple research and study up on some of the common tricks of the food trade to make you think you’re getting a bargain or “eating natural.”

6. Get Real about your Food.  What I mean here, plain and simple, is this: Get Real Food. The problem with bogus or cheaper food ingredients primarily applies to processed foods.  While there are chemicals like sprays and waxes used on commercial fruits and vegetables, which you can avoid by eating organic, the greater contamination problem is with the prepared, processed foods. GMO’s are another discussion.

Bottomline:   You don’t have to worry as much about cheating ingredients with real, whole natural and organic food. Say you’re too busy to chop, blend or steam it yourself?   You may prefer the convenience, but don’t be misled or buy into that “I don’t have time” myth.  Back to priorities, what is it you want?  

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Time, energy, money.  We all get the same amount of time, and so far energy is free, but even if we have the money, is the compromised quality worth the higher price?  You’ll find quick tips for transforming whole foods into tasty meals, including my Free “Times are Tough, but You Can EAT FOR $40 A Week ~ Or LESS”  bonus E-book when you get Truly Cultured.

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