30 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with More Vulnerablity


30 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with More Vulnerablity
Ultimately, having MORE Love in your Life means having LESS Control. Ready to Let Go?

So, how can we shift our fear and let down the walls of our heart?
10. Reexamine your own perceptions and beliefs about vulnerability.  Do you think being vulnerable means being needy?  Does it make you feel  funky?   Yucky?  Terrified?  Make your skin crawl? There’s a fine line between being vulnerable and being needy.  The more you can be yourself, the less you need others to verify it.

11. Be honest with yourself.  What do you really want more?   Security or Love?  
Love – REAL Love, not just the idea of it, is uncertain.. That’s just the way it is.
What’s keeping you from being open to it?


12. Get out of your head.  When you’re thinking or worrying about your situation,  it’s easy to  go into being self-conscious, worried about things.  When you’re fully engaged,  immersed in  whatever you’re doing, living, you’re not thinking.  You’re living.   You’re just being. 

As  “We Cause Scenes”  ImprovEverywhere  creator,  Charlie Todd,  says   “When you’re a filmmaker you fuss about everything so it’s perfect.  When you’re a participant in the film, you don’t have time; you’re too involved to notice.” 

13. Where’s your consistent focus?   We always get more of what we focus on.  We’re always creating our own reality, laying down new neurological or nerve pathways with every choice we make.    If you’re obsessed with the fear you tend to perpetuate it. 

14. Don’t be so afraid to fail, to be hurt.   You probably will, but it probably won’t kill you. What you focus on, what you’re preoccupied with acts like a magnet drawing itself to you.   Though constraining, is being afraid a safe, but self-perpetuating habit for you?

15. “Oh, I’m not in fear,” you say.  Get Real.  We’re all in fear.  It’s the base of our existence in 3-D right now, but not our ultimate destiny or nature.

16. Observe yourself.  What’s your first reaction when someone points out something that’s not so positive about you?   Are you resistant, defensive, blaming? 

17. Observe your addiction to your appearance.  Can you pass by a mirror without looking into it?

18.  Try going without makeup for a day.   Observe your feelings of self-consciousness at the beginning of that day.  See if people treat you differently.   How do you feel about yourself by the end of the day?

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