Straight Talk About What You're Seeing in the Mirror


Straight Talk About What You're Seeing in the Mirror
Don’t like what you’re seeing? You can shift this quickly with a little open-hearted "Re-view"..

* I’ll Believe It When I See It.
Actually, "You’ll See It When You Believe It", according to this great book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. Making a commitment to do anything puts a whole set of energetic and spiritual processes in motion. You may not be able to see or even know everything that’s happening now, but if you can just REMEMBER to SHIFT your thinking and actions, slowly and steadily, you will be creating a new momentum for yourself. And You WILL see the results manifesting in your life.  Promise.

* Slow and steady wins the race? 
Well, it's not really a race. You are Unique. There's nothing to compare. Everyone is on their own path, at their own pace. Comparison only complicates. But almost nothing's slow anymore. Now the pace has really accelerated. And we’re no longer alone. A lot of us are waking up to these changes and knowing that we are all helping each other.


* Expect Lightning Changes.
IT IS and DOES require a Leap of Faith. There's something here about being 100% committed that sets things in motion energetically. Until you do, ain't nothin happening. Once you do, watch how fast things go!  And Remember, none of us is alone. We’re all quite literally in this Together. As more of us shift into Loving --Ourselves, Others, Life -- the faster change happens.  It's a quantum thing.

* Ready to try? Test the waters, take the plunge and then SHIFT Into Gear. WE CAN Do It!

* Still Spinning Your Wheels?  Try the Shift into RECIRCLING For REAL.

Reusing, Revisiting, Reviewing,
Returning to what’s REAL
and Remembering Who We Are.

Try the Three (Four) A’s:
Try these A’s, acronyms for the simple process of moving through difficult obstacles, pains, boulders in the path that keep us confused, confounded, slipping and spinning, instead of getting real traction, like when we're “Recircling for Real”.

* Acknowledge and become Aware *
* Accept and Own *
* Allow and then Appreciate *

Prerequisite: Get Real, Get into Now, Get Honest. Get Closer, Get Clear.
1. ACKNOWLEDGE, Become AWARE of what’s at the root of your pain by following it back to its origin, looking for the seed gem or pearl.
2. ACCEPT what is. Accept the things you can’t change, change the things you can.
3. ALLOW yourself to be okay with this and OWN it. ALLOW others to do what they will. This gets us ¾’s of the way through it. Close the circle when you can:
4. APPRECIATE why it was there, bless it, release it, and then enjoy the Re-View, the New View. And then let your new awareness Re-New Yourself.

* Be a “Present” to Yourself. Get into the Now.
While our old stuck story is usually rooted in the past, there really is only NOW. And that’s literally the only place where we can make changes for ourselves. When we consciously interrupt the old pathways, we become aware, break the cycle and give ourselves a reset.

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