Straight Talk About What You're Seeing in the Mirror


Straight Talk About What You're Seeing in the Mirror
Don’t like what you’re seeing? You can shift this quickly with a little open-hearted "Re-view"..

* Your Body Can’t Send you an Email.
Pain has a purpose. Pain is an indicator, a sign that something is off track, out of whack, out of alignment. So, especially when it comes to chronic pain, it’s a pretty good tip off that there’s something going on needing attention in one or more of your other bodies – mental, emotional or spiritual. Like, for example, being in conflict or torn between what your mind and your heart wants to do. Or knowing that you really need to do something, but you’re too tired or unable to resist, so you give in, but suffer from guilt or anger as a result.

* Your Pain can be one of your Biggest Gifts and Treasures.
In fact, pain invariably holds the key to the source or seed of our distress or “dis-ease”. “Dis-ease” starts with and implies discomfort or dissension on other levels, the unseen ones, before precipitating out into the physical level. Pain, ironically, is often the key to finding the Pearl within the Oyster. Follow the Pain, Find the Pearl.

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* Get Real. Be Honest. Bite the Bullet.
You probably are having emotions coming up from what’s being said. But hey, I’m just the messenger. That’s OK. YES! It’s OKAY! It’s okay to have and experience uncomfortable feelings. It’s the judging them or the stuffing them that usually hangs us up. It’s your choice, but if you can hang in here, and just BE with your discomfort right now, not resist it, until you can get the message it’s trying to send, it might help open a whole new window, new insights on your stuckness. Maybe even stop the spinning wheels. You might literally save yourself from getting locked into and buried under another loop of denial and disconnect.

* What’s the Payoff?
So, say you stretch and go out of your comfort zone and start trying to follow the discomfort to see what kind of buried treasure you can find. And say you don’t have much luck. It still persists. Could it be that somewhere in there you’re getting a big payoff for holding onto it. “WHAT? Are f----ng NUTS? Why would I do that?” some voice is saying. More of the cover up of the buried treasure?. Get Real. Ask yourself, What’s the payoff for me here? An excuse for a pity party?. A way to get others to feel sorry for me?  Waiting for someone to rescue me?  Not feeling worthy?  Just plain stubborn refusal?  Just be honest with yourself.

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* Moving from Avoidance to Allowance: Re-View It.
Bottomline: The shortest way around it is through it. If we can back up and see pain from a larger angle, a bigger lens, find the pearl in the pain, it’s not as difficult to face and embrace. It doesn’t hurt as much. It’s often the fear of pain, the anticipation and/or  the resistance to it that really amplifies it. Remember, pain is congestion.

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